Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas as a kid

I can still see it all like it was yesterday.  I just shared these memories with my own children a few days ago.  When I was a kid having Christmas Eve at my great-grandma's was the best.  The house was jammed full of relatives.  People I saw throughout the year and those I only saw on holidays.  It was fantastic. The dining room table full of food that we could eat all evening.  No formal sit down dinner - no assigned seats - no nametags.  Just eating whenever you felt like it, wherever you felt like eating.  Between the black olives and macaroni salad, I don't understand how I didn't explode. The aunts were in the kitchen making and baking away.  The only smell that I didn't like was every time they opened that one cabinet...the one where my one grandma kept her Limburger cheese.  YUCK!!! That smell is worse than any gas ever released from any relative at any event.  And I have some smelly relatives.

The uncles would play penny-ante poker and smoke (that's back when you smoked indoors, we all breathed it in, smelled like it and no one thought anything about it). The kids ran around and used their imaginations to play games.  Yep the ol' imagination, a thing of the past.  Then would come the present opening.  Greatest event ever each year.  Everyone would cram into the living room.  Kids would be under the chairs of their parents.  There wasn't a nook unfilled or a cranny left without a person.  The presents would get passed out and then it was a FREE FOR ALL!!!!  Ripping and shredding and happiness.  Paper and bows strewn about.  It was fanflippintastic.  Then you went around the room saying what did you get? what did you get?  and then you ate some more!!!  Those were amazing and fantastic times.