Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

So several of my posts talk about not so happy times, this post is nothing but good. When I was a kid I loved to sing. I sang in several talent contests and even won one. But the best time of all was winning second place in the high school talent contest junior year. It was Kelly, Marilyn, Amy and me. We decided to tackle Meatloaf's song and it was phenomenal. Kelly was the girl's voice, she was an amazing singer. I was the guy's voice. Marilyn played piano, actually she played every instrument, but all we needed for this was piano. Amy was the voice reciting the baseball game. We had made up a set that looked like a car dashboard. I still remember how it felt to be up there in front of everyone. There is no better feeling in the world than being in front of people and performing. Amy started with reciting the game while we were in our make believe car throwing clothes around, then Kelly belted out "Stop Right There, I gotta know right now." Sing it with me people!!!! You know the words. If you don't you will be looking them up after reading this. Bat Out of Hell was a great album.

These girls were fantastic. Marilyn and I had been great friends for years. I really hope they are all doing well right now. I still remember when Kelly went to Billy Joel's concert and he kissed her. Holy moly. I am surprised she ever washed her face again. Great times, great memories. I was never one who lacked confidence. I still sing in my car, it's great fun to crank up the music and just belt one out.