Sunday, January 20, 2013

Uncle Bob and Pedro

So Uncle Bob was my great aunt Dorothy's husband. He was a really tall man and he was big. The thing though that was most impressionable was that he was mean. He never smiled, like ever, and he had this little chihuahua named Pedro.

If you really thought about it, he was a very interesting man. He had been an assistant warden at the State Prison. Imagine the things he saw every day. The worst criminals, the worst examples of human beings found in the state of Indiana. Rumor had it that there was a big scandal during his time there. I guess that would make me crusty too. The prisoners used to make automobile license plates. I don't know if they still do. Uncle Bob had all kinds of license plates nailed to his walls and ceiling rafters in his basement. You could spend a lot of time down there looking at those plates. He was a chain smoker. One after the other. And he drank. At the time that was the thing, drinking and smoking. I think he may have said about 10 words to me over my childhood.

Whenever we went to Uncle Bob's and Aunt Dorothy's house, you would enter the front door and there he would sit in his Lazy Boy chair - Uncle Bob and that nasty little dog Pedro. Pedro was a tan chihuahua whose tongue didn't stay in his head so half of it sat outside of his mouth all hard and crusty. It was a challenge to see if you could get close enough to the dog to touch it. Heaven forbid that tongue would touch you, YUCK. That dog would growl and bite. Uncle Bob would let it down just as we came in and it would immediately go for your ankles. After nipping someone, he would return to the chair, get a pet as his reward and Uncle Bob would give that evil little grin. We got that dog back once. I don't remember why but we took our Great Dane over there one time. When Mandy came in the door, that little dog pooped right there in that moment. Felt kinda good.

Later in his life, Uncle Bob got diabetes and lost part of each leg. I think that must have been really hard on him after being such a tough and hard man to be at the mercy of others. He was really lucky to have Aunt Dorothy. She was amazing. I will write about her in the future. The day though that I remember Uncle Bob the best was just before he passed. They were at our house for a party, maybe it was the Fourth of July. I remember it was warm and nice out. As they were leaving he was being wheeled by me and he grabbed my hand. He looked me in the eye and said "you are a beautiful little lady." None of them talked to me like that. Ever. It is a great memory. Pedro outlived Uncle Bob. When he died, my stepdad went over to their house and buried him. Aunt Dorothy got another chihuahua, Taffy. She was a good dog.