Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Before I dig my own grave...

First Grade - my favorite photo
Before I clear up part of the title of my blog and spill some of my deepest secrets...which will undoubtedly erase me from the will, I am sharing some family photos.  I see my children's faces in some of these photos.  I look back at these and wonder why everyone thought I was overweight.  I look now and I think I look good.  I had some attitude in the 4th grade photo rocking the wide leg colored jeans.  Here are also some of the relatives about whom I have written.  I am glad I have these photos.  It is so true how photos bring back a rush of memories be they good or bad.  It is where I came from and what has shaped me.  Through photos I can see where things changed. They remind me of the house with the hell mouth where I risked my life everyday for beefaroni.  It reminds me of the people who cared for me best they could.

It is amazing what life gives and then what you do with it.

Marcella and the little shit

Uncle Bob and Aunt Dorothy 
Grandma Burkhart

Senior in college
High School Sophomore
High School Senior
Baby Shelley - happy to be picked up by a family

Third grade

Attitude already rocking the wide leg jeans