Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Dawn-ing" of a new age

What is dishwashing soap?  It is a cleaning agent that contains a surfactant where one end of the molecule clings to dirt and the other loves water so it keeps the dirt away from the fabric or whatever it is you are trying to clean.  Hmmmm, interesting.

I guess maybe that was what my mom was trying to do every time she would fill my mouth with Dawn and make me sit with it for an hour, then have me spit it out and not be able to take a drink for another hour.  She was trying to separate the dirt from the person.  I guess I was rather dirty back in the day.  My dirt was the words coming out of my mouth or the lack thereof.  Even with this bit of rationalization - What the hell was the deal with washing kids' mouths out with soap?  REALLY PARENTS OF THE 70s? WHAT WAS YOUR PROBLEM???

If I was really warped, I am thinking you could almost make this into a commercial.  Is your child testing your patience?  Have you tried beating them, taking things away, and grounding them to no avail.  We have the answer - Dawn liquid soap.  It cleans away those dirty little lies, builds clean teeth and gums, and can serve as an excellent laxative if swallowed.  It also is an excellent dish detergent.  Leaves dishes and mouths lemony fresh!!

I always embellished what was going on or changed it to meet my needs, yes, I lied.  I was either making things up or not saying where I was going.  Why did I do it?  I don't know.  I wanted things to be more exciting.  I wanted to do what I wanted to do and not ask permission.  Perhaps even in my childhood I didn't want to follow anyone else.  I wanted to stand out.  I wanted to make the decisions.  I wanted to have fun when I wanted to have fun.  I was no shrinking violet, that's for sure.  Kids didn't want to come to my house because it wasn't fun.  You couldn't run around and touch and play with everything.  There were always so many rules.  And I had told them all about my punishments, so needless to say, they were petrified of my parents.

I eventually grew out of my "creative" phase.  It took a long time, but ultimately I was very busy doing other things as I grew up, so I think life got exciting enough that I didn't have to add to it.  I often wonder if my parents would have had the inkling to ask me what was going on and get to the root of the problem, if I wouldn't have been such a challenge to them.  Those type of conversations didn't happen in the 70s, at least not in my family.  They were of the mind that you punish children and they will then not do the same things again.  Boy was that a flawed mentality.

In any event, it all turned out okay.  I have great teeth.  There don't appear to be long term negative effects - my health is very good (knock on wood).  With my kids, I found I could tell when my kids were lying whether I told them I knew or not.  Sometimes, in my opinion, I think it is okay to let a child get away with a harmless lie.  They feel a bit of power, excitement, and later on you get to hear the story from them of how they pulled one over on you.  I haven't minded that at all.  And, I am getting close to the grandparent years.  I can hardly wait to see what challenges await me there, however, there will be no liquid soap for them.  That is something best left in the past.