Thursday, February 14, 2013


I was 9 when the movie came out.  I had no idea I would react the way I did.  I know they blew up the shark at the end, but that did not stop me from checking the toilet before I went to the bathroom.  You never know when a shark could bite you in the butt.  And the pool, forget about it.  I don't care how clear the water is and how many times I checked it before I went in, chances are when you entered the water that shark would somehow materialize and eat me.  For those of you who saw the movie you know you thought a little bit about it when you went in open water.  Admitting your problem is the first step in solving it.  I lived really close to Lake Michigan.  I really wanted to go in but let's face it folks, sharks can live in fresh water in my world.  Has it lessened over the years? Kinda.  It is as silly as ghosts...or is it.