Monday, February 18, 2013

Who doesn't have a secret lab in their attic?

We moved when I was 10.  I was on the hunt for new friends.  I had to find some inventive way of getting them.  The standard "hi, my name is Shelley, let's be friends" didn't seem like it was sufficient.  So I decided to do something way more inventive.  I created a secret lab in my attic.  Now the lab wasn't real, but I sure talked about it like it was.  I created potions and did experiments that had the  kids at my new school quite interested.  I came to school with bandaids on and other things that definitely signaled something exciting was going on in the Frageman household.  When kids came over I would show them the entrance to the attic, but always came up with some reason why we couldn't go up.  They totally bought it.  Either that or we were just all so excited to think these things may be going on that no one wanted to ruin the fun.  The fake lab and the experiments invoked creative conversations.  I think that was all I was after.  We would swing on the new outdoor play equipment and just have a grand ol' time. I loved being social and the lab was always a great conversation piece.  I guess I always knew I would become a scientist, although I now know I should have had a career that was sports or radio related.  That surely would have suited my personality way better than being in science.  The fantasy became the reality.

Those were fun times...although the fibbing led to part of the title of my blog.  I will share that story soon.