Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A mouse in the house

Not only was I freaked out because dead people came to see me, but others did as well. I would hear something moving around in my room at night. I would be as quiet as I could be to figure out where it was. As soon as I would move it would go silent. I would yell for my mom and she would come in and kneel next to my bed. Undoubtedly the damn things wouldn't make a sound. She would tell me I was imagining things and would get up and leave. Sure enough the minute she left the room the tiny little scratching would begin again.

Well for weeks I never saw anything but I would hear it every night. I knew it was just a matter of time before it would creep onto my bed, look me in the eye, I would awake and die of a heart attack upon seeing it. In a fit of bravery one night I decided - no more. I was going to own this and I was taking back my room from all that was scary.

I didn't get into bed that night. Instead I was standing straight up with pajamas and shoes on. I stood over by my shelves and waited. I bet I stood there for 2 hours patiently waiting. I think he knew it too. I think he knew I had had enough. But he decided it was worth the risk. I began to hear the scratching and pitter-patter of tiny little feet. Then in a fit of what I can only say was Shelley-crazy I starting slamming everything on my shelf against the wall. I was going to get him at all costs. My parents heard the commotion and came flying in. Everything was on the ground including the shelf. My mom was irate. I am certain she thought it was time for me to be committed. Just then that dastardly little mouse skirted from under some rubble and out the door into Darren's room. Victory was mine. I was not crazy. It was not all in my head. I WAS JUSTIFIED!!!!! A few minutes later I saw why the little dude had graced me with his creepy little presence. He was eating the little shellacked bridesmaid cake that I had as a rememberance from my cousin Kathy's wedding. He had eaten most of the skirt on the beautiful little hardened cake shaped as a wonderful princess in a yellow dress, that was the color of my dress at the wedding.

I don't know what happened to that mouse, but I do know he had left my room with a belly full of shellac and cake.