Monday, March 11, 2013

Barry Manilow

Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking, and I sent you away, oh Mandy, you licked me and stopped me from shaking...

Wait a minute, I don't think the word is licked, but licking is what Mandy did. Mandy was our 150 lb. Great Dane. We didn't have her long, but it was the best time. She was fawn in color and humongous! She was so tall she could eat food right out of the pans on the stove. You couldn't push the food back far enough on the counter for her not to be able to reach it. She used to do this thing where if you were sitting on the couch she would give you little bites across your whole arm up to your shoulder. It felt so weird and wonderful all at the same time. We did have a bit of trouble with her putting her toenails through the couch in the living room...yes the living room we weren't allowed in unless people were over.

One time she got into my mom's closet and chewed up her shoes. Darren tried to hide them in the back of the closet but eventually my mom found them. She chewed up many things, but I think my mom loved the little bites and the fact that no one, I repeat no one, had the balls to come up our driveway after seeing Mandy in the front window, so she let it go.

There were a lot of crazy times, like the time she jumped through the screen in my brother's window on the second floor and got out onto the roof. We came home and there she was. Holy cow that was tense. We were afraid she would jump off, but Eric got her back in the house. She used to open the doors with her paws. We would come home and the doors would be open and she would be lounging in the back yard. My parents had to take the door handles off. She was a great dog.

One summer there was some kind of fungus on the grass, she ate some and she died. She died right outside my room. My mom said she thinks the people who sold her to us knew she was sick already, that it wasn't the grass issue. I think she couldn't manage the thought that she didn't take her to the vet. She felt really bad. I can sympathize with that. I don't remember Mandy showing any signs of illness. My parents put her in the far back yard to bury her. No one was supposed to go out there, but my little brother came home and no one realized he had gone to the back. He was just sitting there next to her, petting her. It was really sad. There is nothing quite like losing your dog. She is buried in the back yard. After that my mom said we couldn't have any more dogs.

Mandy brought many wonderful times to our home and many memories remain. Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking... Barry Manilow, little do you know the impact of your song on my life.