Monday, March 4, 2013


Remember back in the day when braces weren't cool? I do. I had braces for a year and it was tragic. For a girl going through puberty, that's all you needed was a mouth full of metal. Okay, it wasn't that bad for me because at that time of my life I really didn't give a rat's ass what anyone else thought. Actually, I wasn't that self aware of how I looked which people today would be shocked to know.

Funniest moment with braces, well not funny but memorable... Darren hit me in the face with a toboggan and all my brackets fell off and I had this cool long time imprint of the brackets impaled upon my lips.

Today I got braces again. My kids were like "wow Mom." My youngest in a sarcastic tweet said "you are a brave woman." I like them so far. They were my choice to fix some teeth that were turning. I am equally thrilled times have changed and I can wear hot pink bands to match my red hot honey badger personality.