Sunday, March 31, 2013

Everyone loves Jello

As Eric was placing the decorated jello on the Easter table today, he said "Aunt Thelma would be proud of this jello." Yes, she would be. It was a multi flavored jello with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Aunt Thelma wasn't a good cook, but she played a great support role with her jello. She had more jello recipes the anyone I know or will ever know. Most turned out pretty well and always had something uniquely stylish about them whether it be the jello itself or the dish it was contained within. Every once in a while the jello would be, well, different.

Once an olive showed up in the jello. There was another time all the fruit in the jello sank to the bottom. That was more like plain jello with a fruit bottom crust. The piece de resistance however was the time she confused sour cream with whipped cream. That was a memorable jello. For a while after that everyone took a quick finger touch of the topping to test it before eating that great big spoonful. After Uncle Marion died and she attempted to make pickled pigs feet, it turned out more like a jello with a glob of meat in it. It was the effort and love put in it that mattered most.

Every jello mold was made with love. Every jello made evoked a comment from the peanut gallery. Every holiday table contained a special fruity treat. Since she passed, jello still remains on the table even though the kids are no longer small. It isn't the same if Aunt Thelma isn't there with us. There's always room for jello.