Thursday, March 28, 2013

I like Green Eggs and Ham

Coloring Easter Eggs, a yearly activity. This year will probably be year 40 or close to that I have been involved. When I was a kid there was nothing better than getting ready for Easter egg hunts. Each year devising a better strategy to yield you more eggs. One year running to the end and then picking up all the booty while all the other kids were at the front. Sneaking into the hunt area and spotting where the really good stuff was hidden. Have you ever wondered if all that dye that soaked through the shell of the egg would kill you? Well it hasn't yet. And I always wondered why the eggs would be in the frig to be kept fresh but after coloring them they would sit for at least a week on the table in a basket before everyone ate them. Maybe that's why we don't get sick much salmonella as a kid we are immune now.

Remember when you learned you could write with a crayon on the egg before coloring it and the writing would stay? That was so cool until "shit" showed up on an egg. Then the crayons mysteriously disappeared. Remember that first time you realized the eggs were hard boiled, you know, when you tried to color a raw one and smashed it all over...and licked your finger before your mom screamed at you that could kill you. Okay that line made me a little sick to think about.

Eggs tasted best at Easter. I have no idea why. With salt, without, it didn't matter. And then, there would be egg salad for sandwiches. I think that is the only time of year I didn't eat beefaroni.

I used to enjoy eating the green eggs. The egg would be colored inside and then I would remember Dr. Seuss' great story. This year our kids are all in theirs 20s and we will again have an egg hunt. I think I will put a letter on each egg and make the girls find enough to spell their names. Yep, I think that sounds like fun.