Thursday, March 21, 2013

Paying it Forward

One of the things I want to do stemming from my years of experience is help others not go down the same path I have chosen. It is not a path I recommend. So in light of that, here are the TOP TEN THINGS TO DO TO BE I serious, hmmm, only I know that.

10. Smile and wave, like all the time, even at someone who you would rather run over slowly with a monster truck
9. Have long hair and WHATEVER YOU DO keep it in a normal style, nothing wild and crazy like say... spiking it up
8. Always, I repeat, always say yes to everything, do not, I repeat, DO NOT challenge authority. Lets face it, that will not end well so don't do it.
7. Learn to say "that is a great idea, I love it"
6. Do not ever show emotion in the workplace. I cannot help you if you do. No one will forgive an ugly cry or a passionate stand.
5. If you are asked to go out of your way to meet with someone in authority, for God's sake do it and be happy about it.
4. Rent the Jim Carrey tape on facial motion. Learn how to control all facial muscle functions.
3. Goes with #4, join a poker club and learn the face. It will be useful. This tip alone is worth more than the previous 7. If you think it will help, listen to Lady Gaga.
2. Learn to accept the things you cannot control, no really, let everything wash off your back like water off a duck.


1. Actually I have no idea. I don't do any of these things...I work hard, am very straight-forward, get emotional about my work, and have short, spikey hair.

Do what makes you excited to get up in the morning.
Do what makes you feel accomplished when you go home at night.
Do what allows you the balanced time with your family to make beautiful and forever-lasting memories.
Don't miss family birthdays including your own for business trips.
Do the best job you can.
Make sure you learn something each day.
Take feedback with a grain of salt, use what will make you a better person, throw the rest in the trash.
Don't allow others to cast the shadow of doubt over you.
Share what you know - the feeling is great.
Leave a legacy that when you look honestly back at it, you are proud to say that is what you achieved.
Understand why you do what you do.
Most of all, be happy - life goes quick.