Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shouldn't you get wet in the shower?

As I dug through the 12 inches deep layer of shoes in my closet, I realized several things. One - I had a lot of shoes. Two - I had a lot of old shoes that are now with Goodwill, some never worn. And three, I never even came close to having this kind of stuff when I was a kid.

I wore the same set of clothes as much as possible when I was a kid. I had my favorite outfits and as soon as they went through the wash they were on again. There was this soft green sweater and bell bottom green pants and this patchwork multi-color sweater with a pair of jeans that had been sewn up more than Frankenstein. I had like two pairs of shoes - sneakers and sneakers. I had very limited attire, except for the hand-me-downs from my aunt. I had quite a bit of old person clothes. Those Frankenstein jeans are actually the pants I wore to play softball. Yep, didn't wear shorts. I know I must have looked crazy, but I LOVED those jeans. Many a time I got the "I am throwing these away if I have to sew them one more time" speech.

The other thing I am reminded of is how much Febreze would have helped me out. There were times when I was in a hurry and would turn on the shower and never get in or times when I would get in but miraculously run around and never be touched by the water. I don't even think I used deodorant, I bet I smelled. Good thing I figured out not too long after that, that I should indeed take a shower quite often and use deodorant. I think though it wasn't entirely my idea. I am pretty sure when Mr. Karstens (who had a pinkie that bent straight sideways) told me that if I came to class smelling bad and not washing my gym outfit that he would say it in front of the whole class, it had a positive impact. Embarrassment is not fun at all. I thank him for setting a young smelly kid straight.

I am happy to have several sets of clothes and shoes. I am glad my kids don't smell and that they have always come out of the shower wet (well one of them may have gone awry for a bit). And I am glad that I will be spending Easter with my crazy family. No matter what I think or say about my past, every day is an opportunity to make things right and better.