Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Devil's Den and my brother the stripper

Michigan City was the home of Elston Sr. High School. We were the Red Devils and our gym was affectionately know as the Devil's Den. No one wanted to come there. We had the best cheer block anywhere. We were wicked to visitors. We had great basketball teams and the biggest rivalry against Michigan City Rogers. Everyone knew the name Delray Brooks and Eric Frageman....excuse me? Yep. Delray was an amazing basketball player and Eric was the high school stripper.

Yes, when I was in high school, we had a stripper. Eric clearly was the best stripper ever. In 1981-82, Elston had the best swim team in the state. They were also the sexiest 15-18 year old boys I had ever seen, not to mention they wore speedos. They had state wins and records across the board. The name Doug Elenz still makes me smile. So when Eric was elected stripper, you can just imagine how scandalous it would become. A group of high school boys who were extremely social, very sexy, and who every girl in the school had a crush on. Needless to say there were times in my house when there was a girl upstairs and downstairs and I was running interference.

Eric stripped before every home basketball game. There were 2 extremely memorable games. I usually knew what was coming because the planning took place at our house. One time they planned it as a funeral. The Funeral March began to play and a coffin with pallbearers came into the gym. A "minister" started a solemn ceremony when the stripper music started...the coffin lid flew open, there was Eric lying in a suit.  Suddenly a shoe flew out, the place went wild. Our games were always, always, packed. The girls were screaming. It was insanity. More clothes started to fly out of the coffin, then Eric jumped up. Madness. I am certain some girls fainted. The game was an afterthought.

The second most memorable stripping event was very well crafted.  The stripper music started and everyone was looking around. They couldn't find him anywhere. Then an old woman on the visitor's side stood up. She began to take off her clothes, yep, it was him. THEN, the rest of the swim team got up and they started stripping. All down to their speedos. It was heart-stopping. I was hoarse after that. I aged 10 years with all that excitement. It was one of the most memorable events and I know I am not giving it justice. It was just fantastic, game after game. He would on occasion embarrass me by "shaking his junk" right in front of me, but it got me attention so I can't complain. I got many more "friends" during basketball season.

I haven't come across anyone else in my travels who had a high school stripper, let alone have it be her brother. Just lucky I guess...