Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Whirlpool

So before Jaws, we lived in a house that had a round above ground pool in the backyard. We would have neighbors over to swim. When it was just the kids we would jump in and get everyone walking in the same direction along the inside edge of the pool. Slowly we would increase our speed. Pretty soon the flow of water would start to carry us. Faster, faster, until we couldn't even keep our footing anymore and the water would carry us around in our own man-made whirlpool. That was the most fun ever. The thrill, the bit of fear that it would move too fast and pull us under...the sound of my mom's voice telling us to stop. Hehe.

Now I am reminded of the hocker contests my brother would have. Who could spit a large nasty hocker and get it to land just at the bottom of the fence surrounding the yard. Land in a way that it was just hang down off the fence but not fall to the ground. Totally gross, yet I remember one time there being three just hanging there. Why was there a need to look at it? Maybe it was the physics of it. Maybe it was just a little kid fascinated by snot.

Now I am reminded of Andy Tweardy. I know I am not spelling his last name properly. It just doesn't look right. Andy lived across the street from us. He smoked a lot. His wife, Marge, smoked a lot. They had a smoking hot son named Kevin. He was too old for me and I wasn't pretty enough for him even if I was the right age. Andy used to come over to our house and swim. Whenever he wanted. No he wasn't invited. He just did it. We would be inside the house and hear SPLASH! He would be in the pool. I liked Andy. He was always nice to me, always. He had a really raspy voice. It was cool sounding. He and Mr. Falbo argued all the time. Apparently Andy took some tools from Mr. Falbo and didn't return them. At least that was Mr. Falbo's story and he stuck to it for 40+ years. They lived right across the street from each other on the other corner of Kildeer and Roeske. I think they fought until Andy died and beyond. I remember Mr. Falbo talking about it when I was an adult and Andy had been gone for years. The Tweardy's always had cherries in a dish on their round brown kitchen table. The dish was either a blue or green glass dish. I always got to have cherries at their house. I loved the taste of those cherries, bing cherries. I would go over to their house and talk to them while they would smoke.

As I write this blog I am starting to realize I hung out with a lot of old people when I was a kid. I didn't have a lot of friends my age. I was always with my grandmas, aunts, the Falbos or the Tweardys. Holy moly...I knew this writing thing would be therapeutic. This explains why I didn't think like the other kids. Hell, I was surrounded by conversations of the 50 and over crowd when I was 8. Huh, Mr. Obvious, I didn't make the connection....