Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dad isn't ready yet...

Today we went on our first visit to a potential wedding venue for our eldest daughter. As we looked around it was easy to remember the early days, the sleep-walking, the whining, the pushing of the littlest sister off the couch... It seems like just yesterday she was drawing with colored markers on the walls, on herself, in her middle sister's mouth. I am certain that is all her dad can see now. It's like the commercial where the daughter asks for the keys to the car. The dad sees a little girl asking, the rest of us see a 16 year old. Even at 23 when Michael looks at her he sees his 2 year old with the curly hair.

What is it about daddies and their daughters? Why is that bond like no other? Why do they say "you aren't getting married" and get mad and walk out of the room if you even mention having kids. The tears in the eyes when they say "I started your wedding dress bank account." The tears on the day you are asked for your hand in marriage.

Well this daddy has another 18 months before his eldest daughter moves to the next stage of her life. That still won't be enough time for him to be ready.