Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I hear the secrets that you keep when you're talking in your sleep...

Dreams have always fascinated me. I mean we've all had dreams that we think WTF?!!

My brother used to be a very active dreamer. And by active I mean he did in real time what he was dreaming about. One in particular that comes to mind is the time he was dreaming he was swimming in a race. He was swimming up on that top bunk and did a flip turn right off the edge onto the floor. My mom came in and he was still swimming on the floor. She was amazed he didn't kill himself. I don't think he even hurt himself. He was a talker too. My mom would get him just talking crazy in his sleep. It was funny.

My eldest was a sleepwalker as a kid. There is nothing, I mean nothing more creepy to a person who is already scared of the dark and has been visited by ghosts than having a child who moves about at night. There were two times that to this day I am still amazed I survived. I clearly should have had a heart attack. One time I was sound asleep when I felt a soft breeze on my cheek. My childhood experiences reminded me not to open my eyes until I had a plan. Once I collected my fear and reconciled the fact that death was probably imminent, I opened my eyes expecting to be attacked and killed. Instead there she was standing next to the bed just staring at me. I have always been told you don't wake the sleeping so I just led her back to her bed. She didn't remember it. The second time I awoke to find her standing at the end of our bed staring at us and talking. I am pretty sure she was putting a hex on us. At least that's the story I'm sticking to. It makes the event more fun to talk about. When that movie Paranormal came out, I was like really? How about you pay me for using my life events...except for the killing. I think that was dramatic license.

My own dreams have been vivid over the years. The recurring one is the one that really fascinates me. Everyone probably has one. Mine is that I either fall off an incredibly tall building or I am swinging and I jump off, go incredibly high and then start falling. Every time the outcome is always the same, even since I was little. I always find a way to cushion my fall...always. I either am able to grab a ledge or a pole to slow my descent or somehow keep myself going just a little further until I am able to make a safe landing. I now realize what it means. I don't ever let things beat me. Things may not go my way, but I don't give up. I keep working on a solution.

My worst nightmare though was after the birth of my first child. I had a dream that someone came into her room and tried to kill her. That dream got me up and talking. I popped up on the bed, jumped off the edge, really gave myself a nasty bruise as I beat the hell out of the nonexistent killer. My husband woke me and was like WTF?! Actually there was another time I dreamed of spiders and did the same thing. I guess murderers and spiders fall in the same category for me.

What do you dream about and what secrets do you tell in your sleep?