Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Safety Scissors

That's right folks, Only cuts through paper! No sharp edges. Safe for children 4+.

My girls loved playing dress up: darkwing duck (otherwise known as clothespin towel cape girl), mighty morphin power ranger (otherwise known as clothespin towel cape girl), and on occasion the amazing haircut girl (otherwise known as mischievous curly auburn headed girl lacking parental guidance).

As dad slept on the couch, almost two-year old Emmy decided she was going to be a hairdresser. She chose her weapon of choice and person of choice: Safety scissors and Erin with her long blonde curly hair. Emmy stood behind her sister who was seated on a little plastic chair talking happily in front of the Barbie "something or other" mirror table. Now you say, no worries. You read the package. It is not possible that those scissors cut more than paper.

After careful evaluation and personal research, they cut whatever you want them to. They just don't put your eye out on the first attempt. Erin had short curly blonde hair after that day.

You would think we young parents would learn...but, no. There will be many more stories of our idea of responsible parenting.