Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You can sweat where?

As I sit here in Asia, I am reminded of many things. The heat as it beats down upon me, big bugs - really big bugs, holding on to my organs, and Jack Sparrow - Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now the thing that is bothering me the worst is the sweating. I do not seem to recall in the summers of my youth sweating like this in 90 degree heat. I certainly don't remember butt sweat. What the hell kind of deal is it when you can sit down at a pleasant cafe for a cool drink and look as though the drink moved straight through you as you stand up. Butt sweat. It is the evil for all business women everywhere trying to maintain their savoir faire.

I haven't seen any big bugs yet. And that's a good thing or the news would be reporting that a particular country is on fire and some crazy lady is on a raft floating away from the scene and laughing maniacally.

Now finally my mom has warned me relentlessly about traveling and maintaining my organ count. So far so good. No one has taken nor offered me money for my pieces and parts. I will remain vigilant so as to stay in one piece or rather a collection of many fine pieces. I am sure during our call she will remind me "they will come in the night or just take you off the street."

As a kid from a family that didn't travel and who stayed pretty close to their roots, I am happy for the opportunity. I am hoping I sweat off a few pounds for Erin's graduation later this month. For that I will put up with butt sweat even boob sweat. This is however the last time I will be alone on my birthday. I enjoy the company of family too much.