Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Billy the boyfriend slayer

On occasion we would go out.  Finding a babysitter when you live in the sticks isn't easy.  We were lucky our next door neighbor had a daughter who was a teenager and who wanted to make some cash.  She was a very nice girl.  Now at the age our girls were, we knew we had informers so we were confident all that occurred would be repeated to us in vivid detail.  We also had Billy.

Billy would sit out in his backyard while we were away with his drink, his dog, and his gun.  He would watch as the girls played outside.  He would watch as cars would infrequently drive down the road.  He would watch as the boyfriend emerged from the woods looking to enter our house as it got dark.

When we got home one particular evening, Billy was in our house.  This could not be good.  Billy told us of the boy coming to the front of the house and him letting the boy know that parents were away and he was not welcome.  Then Billy told us of the warning shot he was required to release when the boy emerged from the woods thinking he could come in through the back.  I bet that boy required new pants after that.

Of course the girls shared their tale from inside, how the sitter told them to go to bed early and they didn't like it.  That Billy said their babysitter had to go home and he would watch them now.  They loved Billy and he loved them.