Sunday, May 12, 2013

I know they know English

On this Mother's Day I leave you with these thoughts:

My dogs know what I am saying.  I can tell.  The looks on their faces.  The gleam in their eyes.  They know.  They are just the masters at pretending they don't.

Sunshine would always dump the trash just after we walked out the door.  She knew I said no, but she loved the orange color that only spaghettios could give her silvery beard.

Junior knows not to drink out of our glasses, but it's the thrill of getting his face in and out of the glass before we turn around and see him.

Lilly knows we have said don't eat the bunnies, but she knows that only bunnies satisfy the growling in her Sheprador tummy.  She also now knows that Bunnicula is now torturing her by standing just outside the glass door or just beyond the fence line.

I know they know. I know they don't care.  Our dogs own us, they do what they want, they live really well.  My mom has said on more than one occasion that she will come back as one of my dogs after she passes.  She really wouldn't listen and I for sure would know she knew...