Saturday, May 11, 2013

Put your seatbelt on!

I don't know how or when it started, I just know she did it every time.


This is the serious and sometimes terrifying vocal 3 year old's chant that we would hear from Erica every time we got in the car.  Now I am a loyal seatbelt wearer, her father however liked to mess with her.  He wouldn't put it on right away.  She would warn him...

Put your seatbelt on!  

He wouldn't and would pretend to begin driving.  The phrase would become higher pitched and more urgent...

PUT YOUR SEEEEBBBBEEEELLLLTTTTTT ON! Which was followed by her tears and my very stern threat of divorce, and possibly some sort of demise, if he did it again.  He is still alive and we are still married so he did the smart thing...

Now Erica grew out of this and her dad stopped being an ass about putting his seatbelt on.  These days though we have some fun with it a good 20 years after it started.  Erica works at the same place I do.  We usually drive together.  At the end of a hard day, one where I leave with a scowl or she does, when we get in the car we begin the chant.

PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON!!!!  PUT IT ON! PUT IT ON!!  And we laugh and laugh.

On go the seatbelts and off goes the crap that happened during the day.  Who'da thought we would use this phrase that represented such fear for our safety as therapy for a hard day at work.  I love my kids.  They may make me crazy, but they are my therapy and my salvation.