Thursday, May 9, 2013


As we approach Mother's Day I am reminded of Ruth.  No not the Ruth in the Bible, Billy's Ruth.  Ruth was a woman who lived.  She didn't work outside the home.  She brought up 5 girls and took care of Billy.  In the 5 years we lived next door to the Phelps, there was never an evening when Billy didn't have a drink in his hand at 5pm.  She took good care of him.  She cooked real food for their bulldog.  That dog ate better than most humans.  

She was always honest, sometimes brutally so, but I appreciated it.  She drank some, smoked, loved her girls, loved NASCAR, and loved life.  She and Billy were always very good to our girls.  I will always remember many an Easter when they hid eggs and our girls spent the morning finding them all.

Ruth passed just days before we left North Carolina.  Billy buried her under her favorite tree.  He so loved his wife.  Every man and child should be so blessed with a wonderful woman like Ruth.

Happy Mother's Day to all.