Monday, June 10, 2013

I see dead people...well sorta

I have dishes and furniture from relatives past.  I find it difficult to let it go.  

I have dishes from Grandpa Fuller.  He will be a great blog topic soon.  He was very entertaining along with his wife Helen.  I can still hear her laugh.

I have night tables that were my husband's Grandma Dorothy's.

I have table coverings that were my Aunt Thelma's and Great Grandma Burkhart's.

I have crocheted and knitted clothes/blankets that were made by my Aunt Dorothy and Grandma Fuller.

Hmmm, maybe I wouldn't hear voices in the night and be haunted by spirits if I let these things go.  And of course whenever I say things like this Erica stands in the other room and says "Shelley" in a ghost-like tone (damn kids).  But alas, I must ultimately love being spooked out of my mind because even as we move all the things we have in preparation of new carpet, I am only energized by the memories of all these people.  

Let the blog topics flow forth from undiscovered memories from those who have moved on...or have they? Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!