Sunday, June 16, 2013


Ah Father's Day.  This is a day when I think about all the men in my family past and present.  What a lot they were. There were good ones and there were bad ones.  The one that comes to my mind this year is my Grandpa Fuller.  I don't know why, he just popped in there.  He's been gone a while.  

I don't remember a lot about him, you know that whole "other" side of the family thing.  I do remember though his 3rd wife   Helen's voice when she talked to him."Oh Kenny" she would say in this laughing totally happy sing-song voice.  By time I knew Helen and really Grandpa, she was already blind.  But she was a joyous woman.  She would say even with us little kids around that Kenny loved her for her boobs.  She did have GREAT BIG boobs.  Then he would reply how he did love them.  They would laugh, I would laugh. Kenny was a little guy.  He had been a navy man and I think as part of that became a drinker which turned to alcoholism. You could find him every day at the FOP. The first 2 marriages didn't work out, but this one seemed really special and happy. I enjoyed going over to their little white house.  It wasn't much, but it was good.  I think he made things right in the end.  I think all fathers try.  I got their kitchen table and dishes when they passed.  When I get one of those dishes out I think of him.  I hope he and Helen are in Heaven and he's getting a face full of his favorite thing.