Friday, June 7, 2013

When I am reincarnated, I'm coming back as your dog

My mom always says this to me.  She says our dogs are better cared for than most people.  Well, I try.

Today was one of those days that tells the tale.

I was on my way home for a half day vacation, the carpet guy was coming.  Then I got the call.  The first call was what every parent hates to get - a hysterical child and then the line goes dead.  HOLY CRAP WHAT IS HAPPENING!  I try to call back and get nothing.  Then I get another hysterical call.  
Daughter: "He's gone crazy"
Me: "Who?"
Daughter: "Junior"
Me: "What is he doing?"
Daughter: "He bit me and he's growling, foaming at the mouth and he's got Erin cornered. I am hiding in the bathroom."

At this point I thought, he's like 17 pounds, I think perhaps there's slight dramatic license with the "he's got her cornered" statement.

I arrive and grab my husband's heaviest coat lying in the garage to use as protection and throw on CUJO when I enter the house.  As I slowly open the door, there he is, all 17 pounds of him.  He looks at me from around the corner.  I can see his beard is drenched in slobber, he has a low rumbling "I am going to eat you" growl going.  I open the door further and he can now see me fully.  I say "it's me Junior."  He instantly stops and shakes his little nub and comes to me.

I scoop him up, make sure my 2 adult children have survived the attack and take off to our phenomenal vet.  Junior wines all the way and is clearly not himself.  I am told he is epileptic and had a violent attack.  Our vet verifies that yes he was probably CUJO like and the kids weren't that far off in their panicked description.

After some Valium and phenobarbital, the little dude is back to mini-schnauzer status and we can put the Stephen King novel back on the shelf.

We love our dogs very much and go to all lengths to keep them healthy.  Now if I could just figure out why their brains fall out when they enter our home...that couldn't possibly connected to me...