Sunday, July 21, 2013

Scared Senseless It Explains A Lot

You would think being afraid of the dark and having ghosts around would be enough to deter me from scary movies but no.  I think I was probably 14 when my friends and I went to see our first scary movie.  It was The Burning.  Sounds horrifying doesn't it?  We said we were going to see a Dustin Hoffman family flick - Kramer vs Kramer.  

So we went to the night show and were absolutely terrified.  The show opened with these kids setting this nasty guy on fire.  Then the next 90 minutes was blood, hacking, screaming, and more blood.  There was also some of my screaming mixed in.  I am fairly sure no one survived which makes you wonder how anyone knew it even happened; nonetheless, we left the theatre scared out of our minds.  I have not seen those actors in any other movie so naturally you have to assume they were really killed. 

I got home and was instantly quizzed about the movie I said I saw.  Good thing I saw the trailer for the Hoffman movie.  Then came the long dark walk of fear upstairs.  I could have swore the burned up guy was in my house.  I probably only took 2 breaths the entire night under my covers.  I was so tense I ached all the next day. I could hardly stretch my fingers they were clenching the sheets so hard. 

Did I learn anything?  Nope.  The next scary movie that came out we lied our way into.  I am fairly sure 20 years of my life was shaved off watching those flicks.  One day I'm gonna want that time back...