Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Put a leash on her

Ah, State Fair time.  Fried, well, everything, fountain Pepsi, and Ben's Pretzels.

Have I told you about the time we lost Erin at the fair?  Yep, one second there, the next she was gone.  She was always one to wander, this time it had impact.  She was only 4.

In that moment people multiply by a thousand and time stands still.  You can't see straight, your mind races with where she is, what you should do, how you should do it.  You struggle to push horrible thoughts out of your head.  Everyone is suspect.  I am certain that State Police officer stills remembers me.  Especially since I grabbed a hold of him as I proceeded to tell him how he wasn't acting fast enough.  

Last year we celebrated that moment by stopping at the State Police booth for a sticker and an identifying wrist band.  This time, however, Erin was an adult and was more interested in which officers were single.  Funny how I can still see that moment clearly and she has no recollection.  

We put a leash on her after that.  It kept her safe and me sane.