Saturday, August 3, 2013

Say Yes to the Dress

I totally forgot to publish this...

Today we went wedding gown shopping with Erica.  Two dresses into trying gowns on she knew what she wanted.  She obliged us like the brides on Say Yes To The Dress do by trying on dresses we liked that she clearly didn't.  She was worried about me liking the dress.  It isn't about me.  The day we are preparing for is Erica's day.  She found her YES dress.

As the session went on Emmy noted the "look" I get on my face when I am trying not to cry.  She kept saying, "you have the look, you have the look".  Yes I did.  My job is to be strong and positive.  I did not want to cry.  I waited until Erica was back in the fitting room and let a few tears flow. 

Today was an emotional day.  I didn't have a day like this when I got married.  Hell, I rarely did things properly when I was 22.  I made rash decisions and blew threw things.  I am still not one for all the details.  I figure if I was that messed up and have made it 25 years, Erica and Joe will have little trouble doing the same.  

Thank you Alfred Angelo Bridal, Kelly the Manager, and Alex the wonderful sales person who worked with Erica.  What's next on the list...