Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday

For this Throwback Thursday I remember Mr. Hultgren.  He was my 6th grade teacher.  He was an old but long and lean glass of water.  His voice was deep and thunderous with an old man scratch to it. He taught me the words gestalt!  And gesundheit!  He loved to use German words in class. 

Edgewood Elementary is where I spent 5th and 6th grades.  It was a nice school in a great neighborhood.  We had a lot of cool playground toys.  And yes we had a cement playground area not the rubber ones or wood-chipped ones of today. We had this one really cool apparatus.  It was a huge round metal swing set with a great big blue ball that hung from the top center beam on a chain. That was the toy of choice.  We had to have a sign up list to get to play on it.  Everyone would swing and kick that ball around.  It was GREAT!  Then someone stole it...  We didn't need a sign up list after that. Mr. Hultgren would say that they must have needed it more than we did.  

I met some memorable kids that year, Dotty Linsemeyer, Joy Buckingham, Lori Marriott, and Mark.  I don't remember Mark's last name, but he was one of those boys who had facial hair already.  I stayed away from him.  I can still feel his eyes looking at me.  Made you feel dirty.  I think he had a lot of sex, even at 12. 

Sixth grade was one of my favorites.  Ah, Throwback Thursday, remembering the good ol' days.