Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not exactly calm

Today is the wedding day.  I awake and begin to let the dogs out.  Lilly doesn't move at all.  Immediately I am like, well if she is dead I will just cover her up and avoid any discussion of her so as to not upset anyone.  At that moment she looks at me like 'you are one neurotic woman' and starts downstairs.

I complete this task and Michael says, "Where's Emmy?"  Shit. She went to a sorority thing and didn't come home. Great...she's been eaten by wolves.  How will I explain that without alarming anyone on this day?  Maybe it will be like Sixteen Candles when everyone forgets about Molly Ringwold's character.  Then the garage door opens as if on queue and as she walks in, Erica beckons her to the bathroom to help with hair.

So far I have been prepared to explain two deaths...I think I am handling this really well...