Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seven Days

No I am not talking about that crazy horror flick where the girl comes out of the well. 

There are just seven days until my eldest gets married.  I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone from childhood to this moment.

She has always been the experimental child.  The first always is.  You try everything on them and then adjust with the others.  I have apologized over and over for this.  

They just left for the bachelorette party.  It is simple and tasteful.  That is her style.  Although there is a designated driver (our under 21 child), we're not stupid.  

If I had to do things over again would I change them?  Sure I would.  I know more now.  I hope she learned as much as I did and knows better when she is raising her kids.  

I think we might have to get in a trip to an orchard before she rides off into her life.  One last hurrah with just the five of us. And me taking 2000 pictures like it will bring the past back or freeze time. 

Life is good.  Don't look back, just forward.