Thursday, September 5, 2013

They're heeeere

Well it appears someone is in our house. Okay we may be just a little be the judge.

Erica and I were just sitting in the living room this evening watching the news.  Well sort of.  I had my head in my iPad and she in hers.  A commercial came on, then it happened.

Just as the commercial was transitioning back to the news, a person appeared on the screen for just a second and said "Erica." Then the news appeared.  The silence in our living room was deafening.

I looked over to Erica and she was already looking at me.  "Did you hear that?" I repeated, "Did you hear that?"  Erica finally spoke and said, "that was super creepy."  We sat in silence for a while longer.

Let's hope it's not a poltergeist and that it is in a good mood...always.

My hair is still standing up...I guess the Halloween season has officially begun.