Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This little dog

This little dog occasionally acts out by pooping on the floor.  He barks a lot.  A lot.  If a truck passes by, someone slams their car door, or he gets spooked - he barks.  Most of the time he doesn't even know what he is barking at.  

He thinks he is the boss.  He acts like the boss.  If he feels like you are ignoring the boss, he poops.

This little dog is named after Stormin' Norman.  Norm passed in 2009.  Junior reminds us of him although he is less than half Norm's size.

He is protective.  He isn't afraid to take a nip at someone who looks like they are trying to get close to me.  He is goofy and joyful.  He loves to jump up in the chair and snag any food you have left behind on a plate.  He likes to look like he didn't do it.

Is he well trained, no.  Is he smart, yes.

Every day I come home I hear him joyfully barking waiting for me to come through the door.  Every day I am thrilled he is there. 

This little dog runs in a circle when he wants a walk. He is tired after we get to the corner and back.  When he is tired you have to carry him and he lays like a dead weight in your arms. He loves to ride in the truck on the center console.  He can be the boss there.

This little dog loves other dogs.  I am certain he judges them.  He knows he is better, but he befriends them nonetheless.  

This little dog....