Friday, October 11, 2013


So today Erica and Joe went to the Commissary.  Erica called me and said, "I'm going to pick up a bag of Twizzlers and leave them on the front porch."  Bill used to do that.  Bill was my husband's dad.

It was an interesting relationship with Grandpa Bill.  Many a time when the girls were young, I would get off work, pick them up, and upon our arrival at home there would be something sitting on the bench on the porch.  Candy, pork chops, all kind of things.  Never a note, just a gift.  Personally I think he was making up for maybe what he thought were failings with his own children.  We all have the things we would have done differently.

During this time, he would help us out if I had to work late or Michael did, and pick our girls up from school or take them to practices.  He would never go in.  He would sit in the car and wait for them.  I think they really loved it.  I think he enjoyed it.  I know I really appreciated it.  

Bill died from the big C and was cremated.  I think before he passed he reconciled all those demons he had from a life that in many ways was hard lived.  Now this next part can be taken in different ways.

We still have his ashes.  They are in a flask in the truck.  When Erin used to drive the truck, she would open the console and say "Hi Grandpa."  Yep, that's how we roll.  We don't just carry around memories...

He definitely had an impact and loved the girls.  It was fun to take a trip down this particular memory lane.  We still have the bench on the porch.