Friday, October 4, 2013

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

I worked for Osco during college.  It was the 11-7 shift.  Yep all night long.  It was just me and the Pharmacist.  This was back when there was regular tv and no shows were on after like 2 am.  So I would come in and wait for the other girl to leave.  I would grab a little tv from the electronics case, plug it in and watch this station that only showed Kung Fu movies.  

Usually about an hour after the movies ended, I would fall asleep behind the register.  No one ever came in except the alcoholics to buy the cough syrup that was behind the pharmacy counter.

All was good until one night whilst I was asleep on the job, there came a pounding on the register counter.  I banged my head on the counter as I stood up and promptly said, "I wasn't sleeping."  The police officer just laughed and said, "Yes you were."  He then told me that I was probably really lucky I had fallen asleep because a guy had just robbed the store and they caught him as he was leaving.  Turns out the Pharmacist was asleep too.  

The funny thing was that there was a Dunkin Donuts just behind the Osco and there were always like 3 cops there.  This was one of them.  I suppose I could have tossed out a joke at that moment, but considering he agreed not to tell my boss of my slacking off, I remained silent.

I stayed awake after that.  And I paid attention to the movies.  The next robbery, I was going to bust a move on those criminals.