Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Best Places to Pee

That's right.  I have decided that with my worldly travels over the last 13 years I should write a coffee table book on the best places to pee or rather "what to expect when peeing in different countries."  Why should great experiences such as this go unshared?  Exactly, it is my duty to do this.  I think I have some friends who would be all in and help me write it (for a cut of course!)... Andrea, Pat...

Chapter one:  Pay for Pee: 30 pence or no peeing at the Basingstoke train station
Chapter four:  Men and Women welcome: Hope you are comfortable peeing with others - the Netherlands 
Chapter twenty-six:  Only sexy women allowed: Brazil.  Actually all women in Brazil see themselves as sexy.  We could learn much from them!

Look for this interesting and informative piece of reading at a bookstore near you soon!