Sunday, November 24, 2013

Big Norm

Today would have been Stormin' Norman's 17th birthday.  He was a phenomenal dog.  A miniature schnauzer of which nothing was miniature.  He was salt and pepper in color, had oversized organs and was a hulking 40 lbs.  He would lumber about all the time.  Nothing really made him crazy.  When he would go outside he would mosey about for a long time.

In the winter when the snow flew, he would go to the back of the yard and then refuse to come in.  We would have to go lift up that lug and bring him in.  He was heavy.

He was the first dog we ever had that Michael liked.  He would pet Norm in secret and then deny it if we asked.  He would rub Norm's belly and if we came in, he would act as though Norm had gotten in trouble.

Norm had a chair.  It was the blue lazy boy, which clearly described his nature.  If someone was in his chair, he would just hop up there and sit right on them if he had to.  He and Erin fought about that chair for a long time.  Now Elly lays in that chair.  

Junior reminds us of Norm and on this day, it comforts me to look at Junior and remember Norm fondly.  I do so hope there is a dog section in Heaven.  Norman is there sitting in a comfy chair and eating a bone.  He is likely sitting next to Sunshine whose beard is orange from just having raided some Angel's garbage who ate Spaghettios. 
Elly enjoying Norm's chair