Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cinder Elly, Cinder-Elly!

This is Elly.  Erin rescued her from the shelter.  She has 3 legs as a result of an October car accident which is what led her to be in a shelter.  She is healing well and is adapting amazingly.  She has more spunk and life in her than most 4 legged animals and most 2 legged people! 

I get to puppy sit her on weekends when Erin has to work. She is so loving.  When she comes up to you she leans into your body to rest her little tripawd frame.  She has a tongue about a foot long that you don't even see coming and then BOOM, you have been slobbered upon.  

If the Disney story is any indication of how her life will turn out, this Cinder-Elly is in for the best life ever!