Saturday, December 28, 2013

Limburger cheese and Sardines

It's been a lifetime ago, but my nose can smell it like it is right here as I puppy-sit my grand dog.

New Year's Eve every year when I was a little kid was at Grandma Burkhart's house.  The old ladies and the little kids.  A night of disaster waiting to happen.  

Liberace on PBS in all his glitter.  Snacks in the kitchen.  Plastic horns awaiting lots of blowing.  Ultimately being taken away when we would hide them in the bed and blow them all night.  There was nothing scarier in the darkness than Aunt Thelma without her wiglet when you are a little kid except...

Limburger cheese and sardines in that cabinet in the kitchen.  Grandma Fuller would open it, and the was not for anyone who didn't have a steel stomach.  She would eat it at midnight saying it was for luck.  It was a witch's potion for longevity I think.  All it did was give me nightmares and her bad breath! 

New Year's Eve is upon us again.  No cheese, no sardines, no wiglets,  just the memories of relatives trying to take care of 3 rambunctious little kids who have all grown up really well.  I guess the cheese and sardines worked.  Maybe the wish of luck wasn't for her, but for us.