Thursday, December 12, 2013

Something is clearly wrong with him

The picture tells the tale.  25 years.
Was the night before New Years and all through the house
everyone was stirring even a mouse.  
The church was decorated by the patrons with care 
in hopes that a wedding would take place there.  
The people were dressed up all beautiful I had said 
while visions of marriage danced through their heads.  
Michael in his tux and I in my dress 
were just settling in for a go of it, more or less.  
When just a bit later there arose such a clatter, 
Michael sprang to his Jeep to see what the matter.  
Into the world they flew like a flash, 
Erica, Erin, and Emmy (they would require a lot of cash).  
Many times over the years we played in the snow, 
and I would gaze upon my man and my girls until I would glow.  
Year after year wonderous things would appear 
including many dogs, cars, happiness and tears.
Life happened, many times lively and quick
Sometimes slower, when someone was sick
The great times how rapid they came
I know I yelled and shouted and sometimes called coaches names
Now baking, and cooking, cleaning, and fixin
Building and replacing, barking and licking
To the top of their class, to hear their names called
Kick away, hit away, play away, all
We tried hard to make our way, even when inside he would whistle
And away the years flew like the down of a thistle
But I must exclaim as I am amazed to still be his wife
25 years down, let's have 25 years more of a wonderful life