Friday, December 6, 2013

The First Snow

The first snow of the season is always so fun.  It makes me happy and nostalgic.

Junior running relentlessly through the snow as if he is laughing and singing with his hair blowing in the breeze and then running upstairs and jumping under the covers.
Emmy shoveling with her dad.
The girls making snow angels.
Bundling the girls up until they couldn't move to play outside. Warming them up when they came back in.
Hot Chocolate.
Norman stuck in the way back because the snow was too high.
Seeing only Sunshine's head.
Carving out a path through the backyard so the dogs could poop.
Eating snow.  Before your mom told you what was likely in it. 
Salting the back porch so Lilly doesn't slip and hurt her bum leg.
Getting hit in the face with a tobaggan and having my braces fall off.
Icicles hanging from the roof.
Tunneling in the storm of 78 to deliver papers.
Cream horns at the bakery.
Watching snow flakes land and realizing just how beautiful they are.

Enjoy the snow.  Keep your heart warm and your memories close by.