Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chicken Circle Noodle Soup

I had to go over to let Elly out at lunch.  All I had with me was a microwaveable can of Chicken Noodle soup, the kind with the little circle noodles.

I heated it up and attempted to eat it.  After burning my tongue on the liquid, and slurping up some of that tasty-goodness, I realized a terrible trick had been played.  Those tricky little noodles congregate at the bottom and once the liquid is gone, they do not, I repeat they do not, come out.  

Now instead of just opening the lid and getting a spoon, I continue to try to get those tasty circular noodles out of that little opening.  The can clearly states I should be able to.  After fun turned to frustration, I then attempted to get off the lid.  HA!  

In slow motion it flew off and the little noodles fell to the linoleum floor at the apartment.  Elly was on them like, well, lightning to a steeple.  However those nasty little noodles betrayed her as well.  As she attempted to inhale them her breath made them fly in different directions.  It was hilarious.  My frustration turned back to fun.  Erin will probably find a little circle noodle or two tonight and wonder, what the hell?!!