Saturday, January 4, 2014


It's 5:30 am and I can hear the dog next door barking.  I lay in bed for a minute and then I think, well, she is old, it's cold, something might be wrong so I get all geared up for the zero weather and snow outside.  After fighting my own dogs off to go outside, I get out the door with treats and water just in case she needs them.  

Then I see it and understand her distress.  A puppy.  A yellow lab puppy.  Cute, but clearly irritating.  They are at the fence before I get there.  The puppy already gnawing at the metal.  I open the treats and give one to Missy and one to the pup.  Missy eats hers and wants another.  The pup spits hers out and starts bugging Missy.  The low growl I hear is familiar after having dogs for so long.  It is the "get away from me you bouncey, happy, little mongrel while I am eating" growl.  

I distract the puppy with my hand. As she gnaws at that, I continue to feed Missy.  I refill a little make-shift water bowl I put out there.  The pup knocks it over, so I fill it again.  It's more about making me feel that I am doing something nice then that she needs it.  

My dogs start to bark from inside.  They are letting me know that it really is pissing them off that I am sharing their treats with others and petting other dogs.  They will shun me when I get back in to express their discontent.  As I turn to leave I hear a big doggy sigh.  I turn back and give Missy one more treat.  Her eyes meet mine and I know they quietly say, "I enjoy this little dog's company, but could you take her with you...I like to sleep in on Saturdays."  Yep, me too, I say in too.