Thursday, March 20, 2014

I like it and I'm proud

Yep, I like generic root beer.
I liked college cafeteria food.
I enjoyed school lunches.

It was a great day when I had 45 cents and could buy lunch at school. Square sausage pizza, corn, and a milk.

I love liver sausage and ham salad.

We used to go to the local deli in the 90s and he would make ham salad right there for us for lunch and then sell us another half pound for later.

I think I will go to that deli tomorrow and see if they still make it.  What a great day it may be.

Must be the equal day and night and lack of tilt of the earth today to orbaway from the sun that made me think of this.  Nah, probably just because it's the first day of Spring.