Thursday, April 24, 2014

Elastic hairbands, Crayons, Buttons and such

On this throwback Thursday we pay tribute to a few fun times in the early 90s.
Erica coming out of the bedroom as I come in the door from work with about 20 elastic rubber hairbands tied on her arm.  Her hand already blue from the circulation being cut off...and that's what I did with the hairbands - cut them off.  

Emmy holding Erin's hair in her hand after she cut it with the "they don't cut anything but paper" scissors. 

Erica's eye bulging out of the socket after she stuck a crayon in it.  That still makes me cringe.

The look on our faces at the doctor's office when Dr. K pulls a button the size of a quarter out of Erica's nose.  

Erin's lip when she fell on the set of keys sitting on the kitchen counter.

Emmy's face after she realized she touched a hot stove.  

Can hardly wait to see what the next generation thinks of doing...

Throw Back Thursday, good times indeed.