Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Last Friday night was the first time I had to spend the night alone since the night we were burglarized. I could have sworn I was 9 years old and sitting in the living room of my house at 209 S Roeske Ave. I still remember that night in 1975. My parents went out and thought I would be ok alone for a short while. Remember everyone, the dark is not my friend. I turned on every light in the house. The TV was up probably as loud as it would go to drown out scary sounds. I sat where I could see all the doors. My neighbor Mr. Tylisz came to check on me and I didn't even hear him knocking. Needless to say, my parents came home early likely realizing I couldn't handle it. I said I was fine. I seem to remember Mr. Tylisz there shaking his head the opposite way! 

Well last Friday there was no neighbor to pound on the door and check on me, that would have been embarrassing considering 50 is just around the corner. No parents to come home early. Just me, my dogs, and my wild imagination. The lights were on all night just like the alarm. The dogs were never far. I watched more movies that night than I have in 2 months. It's all good though. I survived and worked out more of the fear that was left from that awful August night. 

So many things many stay the same.