Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Scary Movie Favorites

Ah, Halloween. What a positively spooky time of year. We have some decorations out front and some lights inside our humble abode keeping the Boogey-man under the bed (or in the closet - I don't even want to look). We even have a blood moon Wednesday - the witches will be out dancing and the werewolves out creeping for sure! 

This time of year I love to see (if I am brave enough) some of my favorite scary movies.  These are mine, I am sure you have a long list yourself.

Sixth Sense
Nightmare on Elm Street
Halloween (original)
Anything with Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, or Bela Lagosi
And then there is that one I can't remember the name of, you know where the guy breaks in the house and shoots at the owners. Oh wait, that one is real! 

I need to get out and buy some candy. Maybe we will even give some to the kids! 

May this month give you the willies and may you think you see dead people if only for the next 24 days.  Live long, be scared, hold someone tight, and eat lots of popcorn.

As Dracula would say, "Blah, blah, blah" 

Please tell me I wasn't that dumb

Despite reports to the contrary, life doesn't end when you have a child. Life expands. It becomes things you didn't know it could be. Relationships may change, but they can become stronger, different, and you will likely start to have a new set of friends. 

You will still get to go out. You will still get to play golf. Your name will stay the same and you even get another one - Momma or Daddy.

I know it seems amazing, but other people have had children. Child birth is kind of a regular thing. 

If you are thinking about, planning on, or even in the throws of having a baby, please know life does not end, I repeat, life does not end. Trust me. Now, I hope I don't have to tell you this again.