Thursday, January 15, 2015

Maybe you need to think before committing to next semester

Open letter to all Indiana Public Universities from a humble student:

Thanks for your letter telling me how much I owe in student loans and how I should consider this debt before I sign up for another semester. Yes because not finishing my degree and working in the fast food industry is why I started down this road to begin with. I never meant to make my life better by earning more money after getting my degree, paying my student loans, and then living a great life. I have a letter I would like you to read.

Dear <name of senior administrator here>,

I have evaluated your costs and need you to seriously consider a significant flaw in your program before you take more money from young people trying to better themselves. I see that your graduation requirements requires me to take a wealth of courses that have absolutely nothing to do with my major. You make me pay for these "elective" courses. These courses make up about 50% of the cost. 

How about you eliminate those meaningless courses, save me some money, and teach me what I really need to know to be a successful graphic designer or analytical chemist who can provide true value as soon as I walk through my new employer's door. Skills that allow me to flourish so that I don't hear, "well, we really need you to have more experience performing these activities before we can hire you." Gee, how about partnering with local companies and giving us some real world experience? This helps us get true learning, college credits, and companies get cheap labor.

If you only require me to take courses I truly need, I will only be in college for 18 months, maybe 24 total. The cost is less, the skills are better, and I am an immediately productive member of society who can really support my family. 

Think about that before you force another chemistry student to take ceramics or a graphic design student to take stress management because there aren't any of the required major courses this semester. 

Sincerely yours,
A student who is tired of wasting her time and future money for loans on worthless college courses.